Self Inking PSI Blue Rubber Stamps

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PsiBlue is the latest development in the psi family.
Like the current psi range they use a membrane to print.
Unlike the old psi range, Psi Blue takes just minutes to make. So we can despatch these stamps the same day if received before 1.00pm.
Like the other psi range these stamps are green,
but unlike the previous range we have taken a new approach to green.
We call this the LEM process. What is LEM? Low Emissions Manufacturing.
What’s that in English - No Chemicals used to finish products –
No Effluent goes down the drain –
Manufacturing process uses less power than it takes to light 100 watt bulb for 60 minutes.
Winner of the environmentally friendly award, 2010 office products show in association with OPI Stationery Magazine.